I feel compelled to write in after the last few days of being inundated with essentially the same letter mistakenly proclaiming that restrictions to be worse than letting the coronavirus wash over us.

First off, the cure is clearly not worse than the disease. The virus is what hinders the economy, not restrictions put into place by health-conscious governors. Without these restrictions, the damage to individuals and the economy would be much worse. Even if you don’t die from this virus, the medical expenses could be extensive, and long-term effects on your life could be horrible.

Secondly, how can a moral society even consider sending people to work to get sick and die unnecessarily for the economy? Is that really how little we value our fellow man? 

Instead of questioning restrictions, why aren’t we questioning this administration’s response? Where are the tests so that we know who’s sick? Why aren’t we providing citizens with access to affordable health care and salary, as other industrialized countries have done? Why isn’t our government doing more to protect small businesses? If this is the best response this administration could come up with, why should they be given four more years? Instead of forcing people back to work, why not force this administration to come up with an actual plan? 

Dane Henderson