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Letter: Simply ‘reopening the country’ is the easy solution, but is it the right solution?

There is no return to normal without widespread, easy, accurate testing of all Americans for COVID-19. Capacity needs to be increased 100-fold and no doctor order should be needed — like a blood pressure test.

This would allow healthy people who are positive to stay home and healthy people who are negative to work and participate in economy — this is the way Sens. Mike Lee and Mitt Romney along with Rep. Chris Stewart have proposed we move forward.

President Trump’s way is a foolish way, or the coward’s way. Cowardly because he can’t accept the hard work needed before reopening. Many prefer the cowardly way because it is the easy way, and the way of rhetoric and platitudes.

I urge my elected officials to stop their neglect and inaction. I urge them to stop supporting meaningless aspirational rhetoric. We need free testing at libraries and churches and retailers and malls and schools and workplaces. We need it everywhere. That way we can return to the jobs and duties we love, and that is what this country needs. I believe Sen. Lee, Rep. Stewart and Sen. Romney are smart enough to wake up and do what is required. Let’s see what they will do.

Michael Smith

Salt Lake City