During the academic year, the months of March and April represent a key opportunity for teachers to integrate all the information covered in the months prior. These months have unfortunately taken a sharp turn as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a former teacher, I have always viewed March and April to be crucial to my job, and many of my former colleagues have had to immediately search for a way to continue to educate their students.

Fortunately, teachers and students across our state have been blessed by the resources provided by tech companies. One such example is the ability to use Google Classroom, which allows teachers to continue to teach their students remotely and track their progress on various assignments. This technology has saved the academic year for every part of Utah’s education system and has allowed students’ learning to go nearly uninterrupted.

When faced with adversity, Utahns have always been able to find a way to pull together and come out on top. I am certainly grateful for these new technological resources, and teachers who have moved quickly to adapt to the new teaching environment. My fellow teachers have proven to me that we can pull through together during this crisis and that our children can continue to learn despite this difficult time.

Danette Moea’i

St. George