Among the many events that have been canceled due to the novel coronavirus are college graduation ceremonies and convocations. As a senior at Brigham Young University, this hits home for me as I realize that my chance to walk across a stage and be recognized for all my hard work and effort has been taken from me. 

My father is a first-generation college graduate. I can only imagine how all of those students who are going to be a first-generation college graduate this spring feel about not being able to have a ceremony to celebrate their success. Their families won’t be able to get together and commemorate their son or daughter for completing that milestone achievement. Not to mention, this will be hard for the parents who only have one child and will never get to see that child in a cap and gown. And the list goes on and on.

This is precisely why colleges need to step up and do something more than just sending their condolences about canceling graduation ceremonies. We need to give people hope in this time of crisis. Consider postponing these ceremonies so that families all over the world can get the recognition and closure that they deserve.

Cassidy Stauffer