President Donald Trump believes he has the power to override laws passed by Congress. Sure, he can veto bills, but now contends he can sign a bill spelling political peril if not approved, but then simply refuse to abide by any parts he didn’t support.

The bill providing financial assistance due to COVID-19 contains $500 billion supporting business adversely affected by the virus. The Democrats refused to sign on until guidelines were included to ensure the money couldn’t be used as an unregulated slush fund by the president to award his corporate favorites and family businesses, including misuse like stock buybacks and executive bonuses.

The guidelines included a five-member committee made up of members from both parties and the appointment of an inspector general to oversee expenditure of the $500 billion to insure it wasn’t misused and went to do the most good to those who needed it the most.

Trump’s refusal of oversight would end up in court, but the money could already be unlawfully spent before any legal resolution. Regardless of what happens, the consequence of his refusal to obey the law should be voter backlash in November.

Raymond Hult