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Letter: A different Easter will be a time for reflection

This year the joys of Easter and Passover will be muted due to the elusive coronavirus. Our public celebrations of religious, social and family gatherings are being restricted by government guidelines to reduce and eradicate this dreadful pandemic.

We can still enjoy this blessed season by viewing a religious service on a media site, sharing family views thru a viewing app, or watching new or old holiday movies and shows.

Our lives have resiliency and we can recovery quickly by practicing all the safe guidelines that are requiring us to make serious social adjustments.

When we return to a near normal life, whatever that becomes, let us never forget the courage and sacrifice of all the men and women in the front lines. They are medical, first responders, truck and bus drivers, retail clerks, and other essential workers who worked thru this crises for our safety.

Bob Sweeney

Warwick, Rhode Island