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Letter: Our overreaction to COVID-19 will have long-term effects

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

Last evening, our family dined in at a local restaurant. We enjoyed time together and even hugged each other. Many other people were dining there, as well. We are tired of the hype and fear being panned by the media, medical experts and government about COVID-19.  Regardless of masks, distancing and lockdowns, this virus will take its toll. When these ineffective practices end, the virus will continue spreading. Nothing will stop it. A vaccine is reported to be over a year away, if at all. 

Our nation’s overreaction to COVID-19 has caused extensive damage to our economy and society. Of the 33 million Americans now unemployed, it is estimated by some analysts that upward of 10 million will never get their jobs back. Changing social interactions will decrease the demand for certain products and services, causing many companies to reduce or cease operations. Free government money will soon end, leaving millions of families on their own, unable to make a living and pushed into poverty without redress. The economic consequences of the indoctrination heaped upon the American public is yet to be realized. It will be a far higher cost to families across America than the admirable benefits accomplished to combat this virus. Americans need to get back to work — now.          

Robert A. Hill