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Letter: Should we expect the best- or worst-case COVID-19 scenario?

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

Obviously, the best medical scenario for the COVID-19 pandemic would be the quick development of really good treatments and a good vaccine. The worst medical scenario would be recurring waves of ever more virulent infections. I fear the accompanying economic and social damage that recurring waves would ignite. 

I presume what we probably need to expect is something in the middle: a slow, painful process towards treatments and somewhat-effective vaccines, with a lot of economic dislocation and pain. In this situation, the “old” economy may never come back. A new economy will slowly develop. 

Can we plan for all of these scenarios? Can we possibly let people make their own plans and then react? Yes and no. Misinformation, conspiracy theories on the right and the left and an accelerating breakdown of polite society may be a result. 

Perhaps what I fear the most is recurring events that lead one camp to feel vindicated and everyone else will have to listen to “I told you so.” And then true overreactions, the pendulum will swing and the roles will reverse. In other words, normal life, magnified. 

I’m planning on learning to repeatedly hear, “I told you so,” while maintaining a smile on my face.

Mike Riley

Elk Ridge, Utah County