Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt has authorized a concert at a public park on May 30. The authorization for the concert has been unilateral and without approval of the Kaysville City Council or city administration and violates current guidelines related to COVID-19.

We often ask for transparency in government. Mayor Witt’s concert is transparently tied to her campaign for Congress. I believe Mayor Witt’s actions violate §67-16-4 (1) (c) ii UCA, which reads in part:

“Except as provided in Subsection (3) it is an offense for a public officer, public employee, or legislator to:

(c) use or attempt to use his official position to: (ii) secure special privileges or exemptions for himself or others(.)”

§67-16-3 (13) (a) I (B) UCA defines a public officer as “an elected or appointed officer: (i) (B) of a political subdivision of the state(.)”

Mayor Witt is a public officer, as defined by the statute, and has seemingly used her official position to secure special privileges or exemptions for herself.

The concert will expose numerous Kaysville city employees to additional risk of exposure to COVID-19. There will be a large influx of nonresidents to Kaysville who will patronize local businesses, exposing members of the public to the virus.

I believe that Mayor Witt has violated the Utah Public Officers’ and Employees’ Ethics Act. I believe that her conduct must be investigated, and if she is found to have violated the act, she should be removed from office as provided for in §67-16-12 (1) and that she should face other penalties prescribed by law.

Ronald C. Barton