As we navigate the current crisis we’re in, I often think about the varying responses regarding the care and responsibility we have to each other and the world we live in. I am disheartened by the cynicism, contempt and disregard for others in the name of patriotism. 

As an American, I rely heavily on the actions of policymakers to provide leadership and create regulations that will provide us with a sense of security and keep us safe. During the pandemic, I have seen the exact opposite from many leaders, starting with the president down to many local officials.

Pre-pandemic, Utah legislators took cues from the national level and, instead of working in the public’s best interests, they chose industry and economy over Utah citizens. This is evident in the gas leases taking place in the lands removed from Bears Ears, along with the Uinta Basin Railway project and support for the dreaded Utah Inland Port. These projects promote using more fossil fuels, bringing in more toxic air, contaminated water and barren soil. 

Although the inland port offers us our favorite goods from China, I don’t think the economic trade-off is a beneficial one. 

Maurena Grossman 

Salt Lake City