It’s becoming apparent President Donald Trump is going to have a rough go at reelection if voters conclude he was slow to respond to the COVID-19 virus once it became obvious a global pandemic was likely. Devastating to a second term should such a delay be confirmed as resulting in senseless death and economic mayhem. 

The truth is he can’t now deny he dragged his feet in his response and downplayed the seriousness of the threat for several weeks. He can’t erase his own words proving his gross dereliction of duty. Negligence that has led to over 90,000 thousand deaths, millions of lost jobs, massive food lines, losing health insurance coverage and a likely recession matching, if not exceeding, the one in the 1920s.

So, how to minimize having to continually respond to obvious laxity that can’t be successfully defended? How about outrageous misdirection like claiming total authority to force states to reopen their economies? Anything to change the news coverage for a few days. Later, just back off and say you’ve decided to let governors make that decision.

Watch for a lot of misdirection in the coming months. Anything to distract from the “elephant in the room.” 

Raymond A. Hult