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Letter: How do we value human life?

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

Memorial Day for 2020 has passed away and the living will move on to warm June and summer … and the dead will be forgotten. We pay attention to news reports of individuals who die from vehicle accidents or from crime activities, or from many other avenues where a single person loses his or her life. We even scan the obituaries as we ponder each dead person.

When we consider individuals dying in mass, like in natural disasters, pandemics, wars, etc., the worth of each dead individual seems less significant. When I read history or watch war movies and consider the slaughter of individual human beings, I feel almost embarrassed for belonging to the human race, because the great numbers of those who die should not diminish the value of each individual human being.

Yes, we each are born; we live and then we die. Let us keep our human sensitivity and value each life, whether alive or dead.

Elmary Davidson