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Letter: Are we not better than this?

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

How could any fellow officer stand by and not demand the arrest of Officer Derek Chauvin, and the three other officers involved in the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis? Make no mistake about this, those who sit idly by are just as guilty of murder. What you do to others you’ve already done to yourself. Those who abuse power and position are a threat to the entirety of civilization. The worth of one soul is far greater than their job security. Please believe me that I will not turn a blind eye from injustice. I will stand up and speak out and encourage friends and family to do so as well. We are all connected. If they have lost their humanity — if job security is of greater value than respect for life — then they have sealed our fate. We must bring an end to racial injustice, bigotry, abuse of power and corruption. Are we not better than this? 

Amy Howell Oglesby 

Salt Lake City