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Letter: It’s time to move on

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

A letter to the editor motivated me to write (“Letter: Anxiety to reopen businesses cannot override caution,” May 1). Kimball Shinkoskey implied that it is only Republicans and business owners that want this pandemic to end. I hope it isn’t true that the Democrats are willing to stay hiding in their homes forever, as our economy falls apart and people’s lives are damaged. Most of us want to be able to go to the park, to work, to let the children play outside, to be able to buy the things we need.  

The headline on Page 1 pointed out the dramatic rise in domestic violence, due to enforced isolation (“Uptick in Utah domestic violence cases tests a system stretched by the coronavirus,” April 30). I have seen families who have lost jobs and can’t afford to feed their children; a friend who is living with relatives in very miserable conditions because she lost her job; sibling bullying because they live in a small apartment, are poor, and have no place to play; and much more. The draconian controls that have been imposed on us need to end. 

We have been programmed with fear and dread by the media and many leaders until people are afraid to step out of their homes. The death rate from this coronavirus is similar to the death rate for the regular flu. We are sensible people and aren’t going to go out and “kiss the first available” person we see. We can take measured steps to be careful, wash our hands and stay home if we’re sick, but let’s end this ridiculousness. If we stay home until every last person is well, we will all be bankrupt.  

Evelyn Scott