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Letter: Resilience should be our focus

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

I believe that if the media focused on innovation in business, it would encourage a more optimistic attitude about our economy, our America and our ability to rise above challenges.

It seems to me that the American way has been lost on the majority of Americans now, who continue to sit in a corner, telling their sad tales to an eager media who want to point out the problems with the government. Why not, instead of searching out and highlighting the sad tales, tell the tales of the real capitalists who are innovating and continuing to create new and different means to stay in business and keep the economy moving?   

I love hearing about a theater placing movie screens in the parking lot and selling popcorn or other treats to drivers.  I loved seeing my favorite restaurant bring a food truck on the parking lot property and selling food out of it.  I love hearing stories about companies that changed their operations to make masks, respirators or other items that are needed.   

Unfortunately, this country has spent so much focus and effort on highlighting the needy, that this entitlement feeling has spread to rich and poor alike. All are eager to take advantage of government handouts, rather use their God-given creative abilities. 

Kathy Bruner