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Letter: Motorcyclists aren’t the only bad drivers

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

The other day, someone asked if I rode my motorcycle to work. I said, “yes, of course.” Before I could say anything else, they said, “why do motorcyclists go so fast and weave in and out of the lanes? They are so scary as they move around in traffic.”

I have had people say this type of thing before, but this person was very vicious in their tone and facial expressions while stating this. I could not let this go, so I said, “before you go any further, let me ask why car drivers go so fast and frequently move between lanes, normally cutting people off?” I told them that just in coming to work that day, I was going between 70-75 miles per hour on the freeway and car after car passed me up, which means they were all going at least 80-plus mph. I also pointed out that at least three cars crossed the double white lines in the HOV lane to pass me, before coming back in right in front of me. I did admit that yes, there are some bikers who don’t obey the laws of the road, but if you feel it necessary to blast them, make sure you give equal time and criticism to all of the bad car drivers as well ... unless you are one of them.

Doug Chandler