As Utahns, we have accommodated ourselves to various forms of taxation. We pay income taxes, property taxes and sales taxes among others. Revenue is thus appropriated to government services as directed. Since we are already paying taxes, why not choose a tax which will benefit in more than one way? Such taxes already exist in the form of taxing alcoholic beverages and tobacco. They not only provide revenue for services, but also make it more expensive and less convenient for such harmful products to be used, thus benefiting the health of constituents in an indirect fashion by reducing the use of such products. 

We know also that environmental pollution is resulting in similar health problems for many people. Environmental pollution is also fostering climate change which is impacting our local snowpack (reduced 40% from the 1980s), reducing agricultural efficiency, causing rising ocean levels and destroying our beautiful coral reefs.

Why not then replace some of our less efficient ways of taxing with a carbon tax to reduce pollution and encourage clean energy? Especially now since wind and solar power (which are both cheaper per kilowatt produced) than using either coal or natural gas? Our taxes are now used subsidizing dirty energy, making it even more of a drain on our economy.

Replacing some of our current taxes with a carbon tax would very likely result in healthier people, a better future for our children, a healthier environment, a reduction in energy costs, a stronger economy and no net increase in overall taxes.

Why not?

LeRoy Anderson

Salt Lake City