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Letter: The all-too-common nonsense of COVID-19 reopening

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

A few weeks ago, Gov. Gary Herbert moved Utah from orange to yellow, in contradiction of the state’s own guidelines. Since that time, there has been a frighteningly steady increase of coronavirus infections. In his decision not to further proceed from yellow to green, Gov. Herbert said, “Common sense requires keeping our current health risk guidance in place.”

Therein lies the essence of the problem. It is obvious that common sense requires not maintaining the status quo, but rather returning from yellow back to orange, because it is clear that yellow is a true danger zone. If you’re sinking in quicksand, common sense doesn’t require continuing to sink, it requires getting out of the muck and moving to solid ground. To think otherwise is all-too-common nonsense.

Gerald Elias

Salt Lake City