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Letter: I will continue to follow scientists, not politicians

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

President Donald Trump has gone the full cycle on his handling/mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. For a long while he just ignored it, proclaimed it was a hoax, then said it would disappear quickly.

Now, tiring of the discussion and seemingly unaware of the loss of over 100,000 lives to the infection, he has distanced himself from his medical advisers. Realizing the election is approaching, he has declared victory over the virus and started planning mass rallies of his rabid fans, ignoring the masks and social distancing suggested by his own medical community.

Vice President Mike Pence has never been too much into masks or social distancing, either. He serves as the leader of the White House pandemic task force, which is to provide guidance to the governors and citizens of the country. He appears to be ignoring their advice and, like the president, declares there will be no virus resurgence and mass rallies are just fine.

Personally, I will continue to follow the advice of scientists, the medical community and my religious leaders in my reaction to this worldwide pandemic. I refuse to follow my national leaders, whose only goal is their own reelections at the expense of the health of those who they were elected to lead and protect.

David Nicol

South Jordan