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Letter: True conservatism must include fiscal conservatism

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

I am a conservative-leaning independent voter who, during the current political climate, prefers to avoid discussing politics. Nevertheless, I feel I must respond to a recent letter to the editor (“Letter: Why would you leave Donald Trump to vote for Joe Biden?” June 11). The writer points out what she considers Trump’s character flaws but suggests we should vote for him anyway, because of the great economy his policies supposedly produced. What she fails to realize is that the brief economic boom was based on deficit spending. 

Even before the pandemic crisis, our nation was headed for an annual deficit this year of well over $1 trillion due to the tax cuts Trump pushed through. In a truly beneficial and sustainable economy, we should be able to balance the budget. Our children and grandchildren will have to face the terrible consequences of our current reckless behavior. It is as if you or I were to live a lavish lifestyle based on credit card debt. Sooner or later, we will have to pay the piper. The previous writer probably considers herself a conservative, but true conservatism must include fiscal conservatism and Donald Trump is no conservative. I cannot vote for him.

Leonard P. Losee

West Jordan