Parents always want what is best for our children. I believe that starts with their education. This is something that’s important to me. I want each of my children to have the chance to go to a school that works for them.

As a single mother, the past few years haven’t been easy with constant moving and job searching. I wanted to ensure that despite life’s crazy circumstances that my daughter would get a consistent education without added disruptions.

My daughter battles with epilepsy, anxiety and panic attacks, so school has not always been an easy environment for her. Watching her struggle without support in traditional school settings wasn’t something I could stand by and watch.

When we transitioned to online school, we discovered an education platform where she thrives. Utah Virtual Academy has been one of the best solutions for us. Now, I feel more secure knowing I play a role in her education and that I can help her when she needs it.  

To parents who are watching their child struggle, it may seem daunting to consider online school. But with patience and the right support, this option can work. Every child should have the opportunity to find the school that works for them. Let’s protect school choice so that all families can find the school that fits their needs.

Tamara Schmidt

Plain City, Weber County