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Letter: Life isn’t always fair, but we will survive

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

As I witnessed all the graduations taking place this month, I was filled with so many emotions. I was angry that they weren’t able to have the usual pomp and ceremony of proms and parties. The graduates accepted what was happening in the world, and continued on.

They are amazingly wonderful kids. Thanks to the teachers, school administrators, church leaders, and especially parents who made everything special for them and for all of us to witness. I had two grandchildren graduate. Did hear them moan and groan about the situation? No. I must confess that I was the one that complained.

I’m so full of gratitude and respect for these graduates. They had fun and made the most of this difficult situation. God bless them all! I for one, learned from them that life isn’t always fair, but we will survive.

Irene Swensen