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Letter: Do not reduce the budget for law enforcement

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

It will be folly to reduce the budget for law enforcement for any municipality, especially here in the heavily populated area of the Wasatch Front. We have a growing population that is in need of increased police protection. The increasing costs of vehicles, technology, recruiting and training of officers demand that the budget not be decreased. 

To reduce the budget because of a perceived slight or of a “bad” officer is folly. I would suggest that there be funds provided for an outreach program where the public, especially the youth, interact with the police in providing a nonhazardous service to the community. 

To decrease the budget would result in less protection.

Less protection leads to an increase in opportunity for criminal behavior.

Increased criminal behavior leads to less property values and a negative population migration.

Lowered property values and outmigration leads to less taxation.

Less taxation leads to less protection.


Rodney Dale Walker