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Letter: Police lives also matter

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

Unfortunately with all these protests, one major aspect is being overlooked: Police lives also matter. No responsibility is being placed at the feet of the public. With choice comes consequences, and while we are free to make our choices, we are not free to dictate the consequence.

There are several things that we, the public, should do to help effect the changes that we want to see. 1) We need to stress in our homes very emphatically that we do not break the law. 2) If a police officer says “Stop,” you stop. 3) Do not run. 4) Do not become confrontational. 5) Do not brandish a weapon. 6) Do not make a movement that would indicate you are reaching for a weapon. 7) Realize that police officers also fear for their lives (and rightly so as evidenced by the number of police officers killed weekly) and that they have only a split second to decide whether or not they or someone else is in danger due to your actions and to respond to that assessment.

We all need to be part of the solution.

Lynn Price

Salt Lake City