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Letter: Strengthening families would help diminish the racial wealth gap

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

Four months away from the general election, two destructive diseases are dominating the news cycle and dividing American politics. Although the COVID-19 situation appears bleak, as cases skyrocket and promises of a vaccine months away from fulfillment, it pales in comparison to the other prominent disease: racism. As politicians struggle over how to end this second epidemic, they have missed one key factor that could bring copious quantities of positive change to America. This single issue could rightly be termed a political vaccine, and unlike with COVID-19, this vaccine has been held up to and aced many examinations. It is a married, two-parent family.

One facet of the discussion on racism is wealth and income inequality. Minorities make and have much less money than whites do, and one simple solution is the two-parent family. This structure is more conducive to economic stability and is much more common in white families. Beyond shrinking immediate economic disparities, an intact family also helps solve several other prominent political issues. Science proves that children who live with their legally married biological parents do better in school, have less mental health issues, use less drugs, are less likely to be obese, are more likely to have friends and commit less crime.

Although improved families will not solve either issue, they will help end racial wealth and crime disparities, and make America a safer, healthier, wealthier and happier nation. Vaccines protect patients from deathly illnesses — and improvements to the family in America would similarly protect our society.

Neal Baird

Las Vegas, Nevada