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Letter: With freedom comes responsibility

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

From early childhood, I remember the “no spitting” signs aimed at city sidewalk users. Their purpose was preventing spread of deadly disease — tuberculosis being primary.   

Now, we are seeing “masks required” signs everywhere we go. The purpose is the same — to avoid sharing a devastating disease. I am now 76 years old and have several chronic health problems. I, like you, have been confined to home for months, and I want to go myself to the grocery store and personally select my own tomatoes, green beans and pork chops. I want to shop the bargain baskets. I want to breathe the fresh air of freedom and go about my business.   

Today, wearing a mask is the equivalent of spitting or sneezing into your handkerchief. It is the responsible, polite and socially desirable way to mix with others in public. I will wear my mask. Will you please wear yours? Then I can gladly meet you at the bakery aisle and the cheese counter.

Cheryl DeHaan