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Letter: Mandate or not, we need to take responsibility

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

I was stunned when I looked up the definition of “mandate.”

It really means nothing. It is not law. It has no consequences. It will make no difference if our governor mandates masks or not. It will take us. You and me. We must make the difference.

Remember that look your granny gave you when you tried to sneak an extra cookie? Or the look your fourth grade teacher gave you when you reached out to steal Jimmy’s new markers? Take that look with you. Use it. Also, use your kind and polite voice to say, “Please wear a mask.” (Carry an extra mask to offer if you can.)

Most importantly, use your feet to leave wherever and whenever necessary to lower your own risk where people are not wearing masks. Even if you are already at the check out in a grocery store.

Leave that look as you go. It worked on you in fourth grade. Hopefully it will work on those still acting like fourth graders.

Susan Bowlden

Salt Lake City