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Letter: Saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ does not demean other races

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

I have been considering the divide between those who proclaim and promote that “Black Lives Matter” and those who respond that “All Lives Matter.” While both are inarguably true, it seems to me that the difficulty lies in what I would refer to as the “current focus.”

In 1986, I fell off a roof and shattered my right ankle, leaving me in casts and braces for nine months. When I saw the doctor, and others inquired after my health, the questions weren’t about my general health — that was a given. What they were interested in was the progress my ankle was making. They weren’t uninterested in my general health, their focus had just shifted to a more pressing matter — the condition of my broken ankle.

This country has a serious (yes, shattered) broken bone — the way many Black people are treated. So right now there is a focus on the health of that “broken bone”. That doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the nation’s general health (“All Lives Matter”) — it simply means that right now, the focus has shifted to a severely injured aspect of the country’s well-being.

Perhaps another way of saying the same thing would be to suggest that when the doctor operated to repair the ankle he could have, instead of casting my ankle, put me in a full-body cast because “all bones matter”.

Kendall Ayres