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Letter: Some restrictions do not violate liberty and freedom — they are essential

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

An order to wear a mask is not an infringement of freedom. Personal and community freedom require vision and self control — having a goal and staying the course to achieve it. One current vision, amid COVID-19, is the preservation of health and life. The path to achieving it is to wear a mask and follow other guidance.

When we live in a community we exchange a portion of our personal freedom for the benefits derived. Throughout America, it’s a bargain; the benefits far exceed the cost. Individuals exercise personal freedom by voting for candidates whose vision aligns most closely with their own. Then, with a prevailing vision of the future, the governing body imposes restrictions — laws, executive orders, etc. — necessary to guide the community toward its goals. Such restrictions are essential to, not a violation of, freedom.

Possessing the benefits of citizenship obligates individuals to comply with community restrictions. Dissent and protest are appropriate, but even in disagreeing, compliance manifests personal maturity, and in the aggregate, civil maturity. These attributes are essential to a successful community.

Community freedom provides an overall increase in personal freedom. The magnitude is determined by the clarity of the collective vision and the compliance of the governed.

Wearing masks, social distancing and limiting gatherings are a mark of self-mastery and respect for the community. Even absent an order, it’s the least we can do in a community and nation that provide its citizens with unprecedented personal and community freedom.

Catch the vision … wear a mask.

Brian Challis