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Letter: We have the power to win this fight

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

Right now, our country is under attack. The enemy doesn’t care about political parties, protests, religion, jobs or the economy. It cares about one thing and one thing only, attacking as many people as it can.

In World War II, people signed up for the military in record numbers. They fought and many of them died to protect their country. People at home sacrificed and worked long hours to support the war effort.

Today, we’re not being asked anyone to storm the beaches of Normandy or to refight the Battle of Iwo Jima. We’re being asked to do two simple things to save lives: social distance and wear a mask. 

If an infected person who doesn’t wear a mask on average passes the disease on to two more people, then we go from one to two to four to eight to 18 to 32 to 64.  That’s over 100 people infected from one person at the beginning. But, if 64 people wear masks, they can cut the infection rate by 75%. For every two people infected, only one more gets sick. We go from 64 to 32 all the way back to one and then none.  

We have the power to win this fight. Like World War II, if we all do our part, we have the strength to stop this enemy in its tracks and save our friends and neighbors. 

Please, everyone, wear a mask.

Karen Walch