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Letter: More COVID-19 closures would move us in the wrong direction

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

We are at a coronavirus crossroad. Cases are rising in our state and many feel their anxiety rising as well. I see this with patients and staff every day in my primary care medical practice in South Jordan.

Coronavirus is a serious illness and must be respected, but we also must not live in fear. Our children need to play with their friends and be on the soccer team. Our hospitals and clinics need to be able to provide routine medical procedures and preventaive care to all ages. Our young adults need to return to their jobs and schools. 

Utah businesses are finally getting a foothold. I have seen owners implement creative solutions to preserve their business while keeping their customers and staff safe. At my own business, we implemented telemedicine, universal masking, enhanced cleaning procedures, physical distancing and even coronavirus testing. Now is not the time to consider walking back reopening, a move that would put countless business owners and their employees back into a state of limbo.  

Instead of focusing on fear, let us focus on ways to protect those at greatest risk and preserve our fragile economy. We cannot throw away the progress we’ve made. Shutting down Utah once more would be a turn in the wrong direction. Instead, let’s continue to evaluate individual risk and take steps to keep people healthy. 

Mary Tipton

South Jordan