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Letter: America is already great

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

Current political movements are motivated by a vision to either make America great again or keep it great by maintaining the current power structure. But here’s the deal: though not perfect, our country has always been great and will continue to be so because of the broad freedoms endowed upon its citizens. Freedom enables diversity, strengthens families and facilitates faith. 

We bring together a rich diversity of thought and opinion that enhances our public discourse. Diversity includes ethnicity, age, gender, education and faith. Calls for clumsy conformity or favoritism are shortsighted. Those who degrade others harm long-term American interests.

The stability of our nation is rooted in strong generational families. Committed parents play pivotal roles in child development. Grandparents serve as mentors and guides. Aunts, uncles and cousins provide a sense of belonging. Strong families are also inclusive. They love all family members despite their differences. Strong families are more resilient amidst catastrophe, require less governmental services and promote patriotism to preserve their freedoms.

God inspired our nation’s founders to enshrine freedom of religion. Faith cannot be legislated. True faith is developed through a process of making personal choices. Religious institutions should be allowed to operate within these same freedoms. Faith precedes miracles and our security relies upon these miracles as much, if not more than, our diversity and strong families.

Though already great, we can make America greater by respecting our diversity, promoting generational families and allowing faith to flourish in lawful forms.

Marshall Pettit