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Letter: I just moved here from New York. Utahns, you can wear masks

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

As a returning student living with some family, I have spent a few months in the New York area. In the absence of jobs, I was able to secure work in a modem refurbishing plant during the months of April and May — the worst of the New York pandemic. A sober reality was understanding the vast death toll many of my co-workers had then experienced. Aunts, uncles, moms and dads have all sadly passed away prematurely. The scale of death has not been seen in America’s modern history.

As I’ve returned to Utah, I have been shocked by the gross negligence of the simple precaution of wearing a mask by Utahns. 

The inability of my fellow residents to abide by such simple suggestions is the beginning of the derailing of the pandemic recovery in the state. If Utah is to recover fully, everyone must abide as residents in the Northeast and most parts of the country have done. Regardless of the opinion any Utahn may have on the legitimacy of the government to enforce wearing a mask, it doesn’t take a genius to realize the saving effect it may have. The rebellious attitude of Utahns will only escalate the calamity and scale of death in our state. There is no partisan divide when it comes to mitigation of COVID-19 and wearing a mask. 

To my fellow Utahns: Who are you to decide if COVID-19 should spread? Who are you to decide who should live and who should not? Who are you to ignore the hard lessons learned in New York and the Northeast? 

Cam Brimhall

Cedar Hills