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Letter: Centralizing power is not the answer

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

I thought I would say a few words to maybe explain why we have come to such a difficult political situation in our country. Our national population is becoming more diverse. The previous majority is now in the minority. Perhaps because of this, we see the rise of an authoritarian trend in our nation. Freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, governmental oversight, separation of powers and especially free elections serve to undermine political control by a minority group.

As loss of political control is terrifying for many people. A tempting option may be to abandon our freedoms to a strongman who will insure the continued dominance of the beloved now-minority culture. 

Voter suppression, firing governmental oversight watchdogs, firing independent-minded cabinet members, declaring numerous executive orders, packing courts with rubber stamp judges, marginalizing Congress, inviting authoritarian foreign powers to interfere in our elections, spreading disinformation and relentless attacks on free speech (or independent press reporting) are all things we are currently observing as power becomes centralized in one person. 

Within the past year, the following countries have transitioned from democracy to authoritarianism or dictatorship, or moved in that direction: Turkey, Hungary, Brazil and the Philippines. All in the name of national patriotism. 

I think if we lose our democracy, in a trade for cultural dominance of the previous majority, we will miss it. 

LeRoy Anderson