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Letter: This pandemic is our generation’s defining crisis

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

Every generation before us has had great crises which they’ve had to overcome, whether it be war, economic hardship or disease. Think the Great Depression, World War II or the polio outbreak. In each case, Americans stepped up and put the greater good of our country and their neighbors first. Young men went to war, citizens rationed food and gas and schools closed when the polio outbreak threatened. Patriotism rose from communal sacrifice.

By refusing to follow simple scientifically proven guidelines of wearing a mask in public to safeguard our society from this pandemic, we witness a degradation of values. We ignore guidelines from our church and government leaders, negating the effectiveness of their leadership. We have become a narcissistic society where the ‘me’ comes before the ‘we.’ We are no longer ‘We the people,’ we are ‘me first.’

If the Constitution protects only some of the people, it has failed. If we declare that we don’t want to make the small sacrifices needed to beat this, like wearing a mask to help the vulnerable, to support our health care workers, and to flatten the curve so that there are enough hospital beds for all who need them, then we are not the good Christian neighbors we think we are. We are not patriotic. This pandemic is our generation’s defining crisis, and we all have a responsibility to do the right thing and wear a mask. It is very little to ask, but only by doing this will we squelch this.

Beth Chardack

Salt Lake City