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Letter: A school social worker’s case for returning this fall

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

Online learning can never make up for a lack of in-person instruction. This is especially true the younger the student is. Schools who feel unsafe returning to in-person school this coming year should use teacher salary budgets to pay a small number of teachers to run online learning. One online teacher can supervise many more students than an in-person teacher can. The rest of the teachers need to agree to teach next summer and every holiday, weekend or following summer to make up every day missed due to COVID-19 closures.

Furthermore, let’s be honest. There is no safety reason to keep the youngest elementary students out of school. The research is pointing to the children this age not spreading COVID-19 in a significant way. They are also the least likely to be able to benefit from online school.

There are many more safety reasons that young students need to be in school. They have no way to report abuse. They can be hurt when their parents must go to work and leave them unsupervised. All children regardless of age are more likely to feel suicidal without school.

Children are sacrificing their education and well-being for an adult sense of safety. We need to be willing to pay them back for this with compensatory education for all students.

I am a school social worker. I feel one of my important roles is to advocate for the needs of children. Adults can and are advocating for themselves very loudly. I will never stop advocating for the children. Their needs are being callously pushed aside during this pandemic and it is morally wrong.

Aubrie Ramos