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Letter: Let children be heroes

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

Let’s teach our children how fun it is to help and serve others. They can be heroes by wearing a mask to protect the lives of their teachers and children who have heart and lung conditions. Our children can learn the joy of doing something great and positive for the world. They can be something so much greater in society than a person who doesn’t care about the needs of others.  

The issue of wearing a mask can be such a good opportunity to teach our children. We don’t want them to be self-absorbed and only worried about themselves. What kind of society would we all have if we didn’t care about each other?

We don’t drive at 200 MPH because we don’t want to kill ourselves and others. We don’t drink and drive for the same reason. These rules are needed in society even though they restrict our rights to drive however we please.

I am in love with my grandchild who has a heart condition. COVID-19 would kill him. I love and appreciate all of the children and parents who wear masks. They are saving his life.

Joan Petersen Rond

West Jordan