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Letter: I will listen to the experts — and they say a carbon tax is effective

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

In response to an op-ed by Brian Myers who does not see the value in a national carbon tax, I must disagree (“A carbon tax is not the solution we are looking for” July 7).

A price on carbon is basically a dumping fee, like one you pay at a landfill. Only, in this case, we charge a fee for dumping pollutants into the atmosphere. This approach is favored by dozens of Nobel economists, the National Academy of Sciences, MIT (En-ROADS study), Columbia U. and many other prestigious organizations.

It is considered the most effective, efficient and powerful mechanism known. HR763, for example, lowers emissions in line with the IPCC targets, 90% by 2050. There are safety nets built in if reductions fall short.

There are, in HR763, border carbon taxes on imports to boost green efforts even in other nations. By returning (virtually) all carbon fees to legal residents, 80% of us will come out ahead, as rebates will outpace costs for all but the very wealthy. By requiring polluters to pay a ‘social cost,’ the market favors green products and services, and we are, in a sense, ‘paid’ to avoid the higher costs of dirty energy.

Of course, it is easy to scoff and criticize, and we have a right to do so. I, for one, will listen to the experts. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and we each have obligation to vote smart.

Jan Freed

Los Angeles, California