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Letter: Protecting teachers is as important as protecting students

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

When I was serving as a school principal, I was fortunate to attend several conferences. At one of these conferences there were shirts for purchase with a logo that read “Children First.” I thought it was a catchy phrase and bought one to wear at my school. While contemplating the logo on my shirt, I realized the needs of my staff were just as critical as those of my students. I concluded teachers needed the same love, support and respect that students required. I found that a happy teacher strongly increased the likelihood of having happy students, therefore happy parents. 

I became concerned when I read an article stating teachers would be required to wear masks under certain circumstances at school, while students would not. I was relieved when Gov. Herbert changed this approach requiring all individuals including teachers, students and other staff members to wear masks while in school buildings. To me, this emphasized the fact that the health and welfare of teachers is of equal importance to the students they serve. If we want teachers to assist students in growing up to be healthy, responsible and well-prepared adults, we need to be as concerned about their well-being as the children we entrust them to teach. This not only applies to the field of education, but any profession where we entrust our children to the service of others.

Gary Martin