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Letter: Media coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t helpful

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Letter to the editor

Deseret News

The media’s coverage of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic isn’t helping me one bit. I don’t see how it could be helping anyone, except maybe those who make their living treating anxiety and depression. I thought at the beginning of this that the media-perpetuated hysteria of this problem would cause far more harm to many more than the disease would actually hurt. I do not discount the fact at all that the virus is dangerous to those who are elderly and have preexisting conditions, but this constant harping on how many will die isn’t doing anyone any good. What it is it, exactly, that you hope to accomplish? What is it that you want us to do? We all know the disease is here and what it can do. I’m doing all I can already to protect myself, and my family and co-workers are doing the same. I can’t live in a hole somewhere and have people bring me food and haul my waste away. Life doesn’t work like that. This thing will one day run its course as has every other pandemic in history. 

Stop the hysteria. You’re not helping at all.

Gary Barber

West Jordan