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Letter: Banning private fireworks is for the good of everyone

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

Jay Evensen’s question, “Why do we still allow private fireworks in Utah?” is worth answering. We should ban irresponsible use of fireworks. “We” is defined by you and me, by government leaders, by firefighters, by firework retailers or by any human entity who tolerates the irresponsible use of fireworks. 

Now to the “why”? We don’t live in isolation. We live in families and communities. So our behaviors affect others. Too many dangerous fires are human-caused. In the case of fireworks, we should be mindful and caring of what we do which may put others at risk for danger. What was good for another time or place may not apply now. Any rules or laws should reflect current needs and circumstances ... for the good of everyone.

Granted, there may be some who are offended by this request because they want to protect their right of free behavior. Please, let us think positively; let us think and do that which is most beneficial for the good of us all. Cooperation is the key, just like the cooperation which is petitioned of us to mitigate this pandemic.

Elmary Davidson