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Letter: The real problem is government immunity

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

How many people can name the white man killed by police by the cop kneeling on his neck? (Joseph Hutcheson, Dallas Texas). Not many, because the mainstream media tells us what news is relevant and shields us from what it doesn’t want us to know. Does that lessen Floyd’s death? No, but let’s get to the real root of the problem. Governmental immunity. Let’s make individuals and governmental institutions responsible for their actions.  

A few examples: How about prosecutors that deliberately withhold information on a defendant in order to get a guilty plea? Or judges that blatantly go against the Constitution? There are plenty of examples with petty bureaucrats playing god in nearly every level of government. The Founding Fathers set up a system where no man is king. Now instead of checks and balances planned, we have these institutions and agencies reinforcing one another. About the only legitimate argument for governmental immunity is, “they are saving taxpayers money.”

Ah, but alas, as so eloquently stated by Edmund Burke, “Those who have been intoxicated with power ... can never willingly abandon it.” So in a world where every bureaucrat is king over his domain, there is no overwhelming desire to fix the problem.

Bruce A. Nieveen