News reports about the progress of the COVID-19 epidemic are being manipulated to keep everyone in a state of fear. Representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us that 40,000 new cases a day are occurring, as of this week. Dr. Fauci has suggested that we might have 100,000 per day soon. Prepare to be locked down again.

Here are a few statistics from the CDC website. The epidemic has been tracked since Feb. 1.  At the height of the illness in the U.S. (April 18), there were 16,373 deaths attributed to COVID-19 that week. In a recent week, there were a total of 313 (June 27). You would think that this would be news you need to know.

So, what explains the apparent contradictions in the data? Testing has increased a hundredfold in the past month or so. There have been 16,998,825 total tests since March (9.9% were positive); last week, there were 1,772,631 tests (7.6% were positive). It doesn’t take a doctor or scientist to figure out that if you test a whole lot more subjects, you should expect more positive diagnoses. There is no reason to go crazy over this. We need to demand the whole truth from our scientists.

I would offer an old Western adage that helps to understand these “scientists”: When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Stephen J. Carter