I am a 70-year-old reader of the Deseret News and always read the obituaries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been aware of the numbers reported by authorities of those who have died as victims of this disease. Yet I have been aware of the lack of reporting this as cause of death in the obituaries. I have even noticed some obituaries have specifically mentioned the person did not die of COVID-19, as if this is something to be ashamed of.  

In my opinion, those who have died of COVID-19 should be treated and respected much like we would a solider who died in battle, or those who have died fighting other sicknesses like cancer. I realize that many who have died also had other health issues that made their own personal battle more difficult. I have wondered if their cause of death is reported as one of those conditions and not as COVID-19.

In my opinion, COVID-19 victims are not only fathers and mothers, grandparents and friends, but the heroes who laid down their lives in this war that has affected everyone on the planet.

Clark Yospe