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From our readers: McAdams puts loyalty to his constituents before his party

Readers also discuss how to safeguard children from the dangers of social media, and the worrisome direction American society is taking.

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Rep. Ben McAdams, D-Utah, talks about his support to expand and extend the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, as he points to a photograph of a nuclear blast in Nevada during a press conference at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Steve Griffin, Deseret News

It is disappointing to see Don Barton take the time and effort to write, and for the Deseret News to publish, a letter insinuating that Congressman Ben McAdams is one of “Nancy Pelosi’s boys.” (Letter: 4th District congressional race is Burgess Owens’ election to lose, Aug. 7).

Unlike Mr. Barton, I live in the 4th Congressional District and McAdams is my representative. McAdams actually voted against Ms. Pelosi for Speaker of the House. And, yes, he has voted for Democratic policies during his time in Washington. But, McAdams also has crossed party lines and voted with Republicans — hardly one of “Nancy Pelosi’s boys!”

And, as Mr. Barton claims, I don’t see how Burgess Owens would do a great job when he supports repealing the Affordable Care Act — a law that has made health care more accessible and protected those with preexisting conditions for more than 10 years.  Especially during this time of COVID-19, how would taking health care away from so many benefit constituents in the 4th District, or across the state or country? McAdams wants to protect and expand the ACA, which not only is more necessary now than ever, but was supported by a majority of the country even before COVID-19.

Owens is pledging loyalty to his party. McAdams is working for the people of his district.

Charlotte Maloney


We must protect our children from vulgarity and indecency

We live in the age of instant gratification with new technological advances and communication. Every day, there’s a new social media platform enticing our children and young adults, but as parents, are we aware of the dangers lurking in these platforms? We hear stories of how children are addicted to video games and inappropriate content on the internet. As parents, we are the role models for our children. If our children see us always on our laptop or in front of the TV, watching inappropriate content or vulgarity, they in turn will do the same.

As an Ahmadi Muslim parent, the Holy Quran warns me “save yourselves and your families from a Fire.” Prophet Muhammad provided this guidance to Muslims more than 1,400 years ago: “Indecency makes the perpetrator unsightly and modesty and bashfulness gives a modest person inner and outer beauty and makes him beautiful.”

As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that our children are protected from indecency and vulgarity. We need to constantly evaluate ourselves to make sure that we are not falling prey to these things. The worldwide spiritual leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Caliph says in his book “Social Media,” “The fornication of the mind and the eyes is real, and gradually this behavior leads to actual sin.”

Irfan Chaudhry


Is America collapsing?

It is astonishing that Americans are being treated in 2020 to the rupture of so many sacred institutions of this country that have functioned so well for so long. We knew it could, even would, happen. But this fast? 

It is not just America’s burgeoning mistrust of national and state government. It’s not just the freefall of science into utter irrelevance right before our eyes. It’s not just the failure of humane law enforcement and the endless delay of justice in our courts. It’s not just the alarming passiveness of religious people and journalists. 

It’s not just the robbery of the working poor by legal loan sharking agencies, and the wallowing in debt of business and government right along with individuals and families. 

It’s not just the decimation of schools by warring parents and teachers. It’s not just the easy willingness of the military to treat citizens like foreign enemies. 

No, it’s not just these rather stupendous things. It is also the transparent corruption of our leaders and the hollowing-out of the souls of our people that sends a shiver down the spine. 

Kimball Shinkoskey 

Woods Cross