I do not support abuse of anyone by a police officer. Once in a while it happens. In most cases, however, when the facts are known, the shooting victim did something that threatened the life or safety of a police officer or the public. We cannot expect a police officer not to react in those cases, with the intent being to stop the threat. Defunding the police force, or forcing officers to quit because of lack of support and legal protection, will result in anarchy, which will result in many more deaths and no one to investigate them.

In our opinion: Using your influence for good doesn’t make you ‘rich and spoiled’

I do not support efforts of professional athletes who publicly demonstrate by walkout or other means to try to influence actions against police departments. These actions are largely ineffective and punish their employers who are not involved in the issue.

If they do succeed, the resulting anarchy will put them out of business because no one will attend their games. Under any conditions, they offend many of their fans who do not share their views. They need to take care that they don’t kill the goose that lays their golden eggs.

Harry Haycock