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Letter: Gov. Herbert is being criticized unjustly

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

In this time of COVID-19 pandemic, some criticize our governor and say they have “real concerns about a leadership vacuum.” They say Gov. Gary Herbert’s “light touch” and “collaborative” leadership style had served him well, but now they consider his leadership style a weakness. This citizen criticizes his critics. Are we not told to wash hands and cover our mouths and noses, and how to maintain social distancing ad nauseam? Don’t protesters protest because of heavy-handedness with citizens by certain government authorities? Isn’t a governor with a “light touch” who is “collaborative” what citizens want?

Our governor encourages local county and city authorities, who know best their populations, to make decisions for their populations. Our governor set a July goal for COVID-19 cases and we met it. He set a August goal and I, for one, think we as responsible citizens can choose to be personally accountable to do our part without the heavy-handedness of authorities, without “government mandates.” To me, the critics are being duplicitous, disingenuous and they are the ones politicizing COVID-19.                                    

Linda Snarr