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Letter: Forcing mask-wearing in Provo is overbearing and burdensome

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Rebecca Layton and her daughter Delaney Layton, both of Vancouver, Washington, wear face masks as they walk in downtown Provo, Utah, on Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020.

Isaac Hale/The Daily Herald via AP

I’m disappointed in the actions of the Provo City Council to enact a mask mandate with civil penalties. This ordinance not only is overbearing to individuals but burdensome to small businesses that are required to adhere to additional regulations.

I have no challenge to the presented fact that masks are helpful to the mitigation of COVID-19, but I fundamentally oppose forced compliance through the use of law enforcement.

The City Council’s decision to mandate face coverings for varying activities with arbitrary numbers of people goes against the proper role of government. Their mandate should only apply to city-owned facilities.

The call from government leaders, health organizations, and religious groups to wear masks and socially distance when opportune is an acceptable means of communicating with the intelligent and compassionate members of our community.

I appreciate the discourse and effort of Councilman Travis Hoban to try and work with the Council, including his successful inclusion of a sunset clause. 

I also commend Mayor Kaufusi for her leadership. Mayor Kaufusi has emphasized the importance of face coverings through her “Mask Up” campaign to educate residents as opposed to the forced compliance route taken by the Council.

Skyler Beltran