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Letter: Looking to our history will help us fix our broken immigration system

Wilfredo Lee, Associated Press

Immigration in the U.S. has been stopped for a variety of reasons. It’s unfortunate because so many want to come here to live, and be free and to contribute, and they don’t have the opportunity. In my mind, we should set a high standard for immigrants that can be met for those who sincerely want to be an asset to our great land.

When my parents helped a family come here in the 1950s, they had to agree to help them become contributors by guaranteeing them a place to live and to make sure their needs were met instead of the government being responsible. This family was sincere about wanting to be independent, and it wasn’t long before the husband was working in his field and the family had assimilated in their new environment.

Most of us have similar stories of our ancestors and would be willing to help a distant relative in the same way my parents did. I believe that setting similar standards that seemed to work in the ’50s as the first step in opening our borders again.

Darlene Bennett