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Letter: Selective outrage proves the left doesn’t care about unity

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Demonstrators push on a fence as tear gas is deployed during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in Portland, Ore., on July 25, 2020.

Marcio Jose Sanchez, Associated Press

Although I abhor violent or destructive demonstrations whether conducted by the left or the right, I am sick and tired of politicians and media types getting the vapors over the Capitol demonstration. The outrage expressed by so many rings hollow and demonstrates only the hypocrisy of so many in the ruling class.

Where was the outrage when the mobs stormed Washington, D.C., at the time of Trump’s inauguration and firebombed and looted whole neighborhoods? Or when the leftist mobs burned and looted Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland? The same folks outraged now were strangely silent then — if they were not actively condoning the lawless acts of the rioters.

President-elect Joe Biden seems more interested in fueling the flames of discord than in promoting and achieving unity in the country. His introduction of race into the discord at the Capitol is not likely to comfort anyone who isn’t a race baiter. There is not a shred of an evidence that race had anything to do with the protests over possible election fraud, and to accuse the police of racism is right out of the Sharpton and Watters play book.

It certainly appears that hypocrisy reigns supreme and divisions in the country will only become more exacerbated in the coming months and years.

John Stohlton